Synopsis Consulting

Business Value Analysis Workshop


Do you  hate driving through unfamiliar territory without a map?  During the 3  to 5 days of our Business Value Analysis Workshop we explore your  existing Supply Chain Network, discover areas of improvement and provide  you with a roadmap that clearly shows how to get from your current  position to an optimized state.  We summarize the results in a tangible  document, which contains:

  • Executive Summary, incl. prioritized recommendations 
  • As-is Supply Chain Planning processes 
  • Best Practice alternatives 
  • Pros / Cons analysis 
  • Cost / duration and/or ROI analysis 

Based on your decision, we help you build a milestone-driven project  plan and assemble a team of in-house and -- if required -- trusted  partner resources.  One of our senior consultants will be your  day-to-day point of contact throughout the entire project and after its  successful completion.

Interested in your own map?  Contact us.


Consulting Services

Every  company plans their Supply Chain - somehow.  Whether you employ Supply  Chain Planning software or not, when was the last time you last  checked if your underlying assumptions are still correct?  Have you ever compared your methods against your industry's best practices?

Synopsis Consulting can help you tune your Supply Chain Planning processes in a variety of areas, very often resulting in

  • Shorter lead times
  • Lower inventory levels
  • Higher capacity utilization
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Increased customer service levels
  • Less overall costs and higher profitability

Some of the questions we will find answers to are the following.

  • Forecasting Strategies
    • Should you forecast different products differently?
    • Which frequency and time buckets are appropriate?
    • Do you make best use of all information available to you?
  • Strategic Considerations
    • Where can you expect capacity shortages in the next 2-5 years?
    • Which areas could be outsourced, and where are the thresholds?
    • Are you employing the right distribution and deployment strategies?
  • Levers and Triggers  
    • Where should you hold inventory, and when should you push vs. pull?
    • Are your safety stocks and/or inventory targets set correctly?
    • When should you expedite or use shipping alternatives?

Our  consultants are not only Certified in Production and  Inventory Management (CPIM) by APICS (American Production and Inventory  Control Society), they also have seen more companies from the inside  than most employees ever will.  Our clients benefit from this  experience.  Make the right choice by contacting us and don't reinvent the wheel!

Implementation Services

Leverage Our Experience from the Start
All our consultants have between 5 to 15 years experience in  implementing various Supply Chain Planning solutions and have worked  with software from leading vendors.  We live a culture of internal  knowledge sharing, providing you with the expertise to select the  software that is right for you, from gathering the requirements,  creating the RFP, to vendor selection.

Draw from a pool of World-Class Consultants
Once you decided which software modules you want to implement, we will  assign a team of world-class consultants, consisting of Synopsis  Consulting and trusted partner resources.  To complement our strategic  consulting practice we are proud to employ some of the domain experts in  Oracle's Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) and Demantra products.   Including our close partners we are able to source from a pool of 80  Supply Chain focused consultants in the U.S. and Europe.

It doesn't stop with Supply Chain Planning
While Synopsis Consulting focuses on Supply Chain Planning software  only, our partners have specialized resources in the ERP and database  area.  Historically, the majority of our projects had large footprints  in the Supply Chain Planning applications of former J.D. Edwards, now  Oracle.  If circumstances require, we will leverage our extensive  network of integration and custom development partners with a combined  resource pool of more than 500 consultants.

Let us prove to you that if your project has a Supply Chain Planning  component, Synopsis Consulting will soon become your trusted advisor for  the entire project.  Contact us.