Synopsis Consulting

 Our expertise, your prosperity.

About Us


We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in only one subject:  Supply Chain Planning.  Whether you are looking for consulting or software implementation services, we provide you with the expertise to achieve excellence. 

Our Services


Every engagement starts with a 3 to 5 day Business Value Analysis Workshop that examines areas of improvement and provides our clients with  alternatives and corresponding return on investment (ROI) calculations. 


We know that every client is different, and that there are no two  identical projects.  But does that mean that every project has to start  from scratch?  We developed industry-specific toolkits that help our consultants and clients accelerate the implementation. 

Current Engagements

Life Sciences - Several Production Scheduling Solutions for a global leader in bio pharmaceutical research and production

Oil and Gas - Strategic Planning Solution to rationalize distribution network based on trade-off between fixed and transportation costs

Apparel/Fashion - Global Strategic Planning Solution to balance world-wide demand with different internal and external manufacturing facilities

High Tech - Operational Planning Solution to maximize integral yield of complex, probability driven production process

Semicon - Expansion of proven Tactical Supply Chain Planning Solution to support latest changes in semiconductor technology

Synopsis Consulting recommends Oracle's Strategic Network Optimization (SNO) product for Strategic Analyses.